Osman Haque
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Gentleman Explorer

Janruary - April 2012

Spanning two and a half months, Gentleman Explorer was an award winning project created in a joint Video Game Design course, between University of Toronto and Ontario College of Arts & Design. The project consisted of two Art students and two Computer Science students, who collaborated from initial conception of Gentleman Explorer to the finished product.

Unity 3D was the engine of choice and allowed the team to work together efficiently. The programmers would code the mechanics of the game, while the artists created the assets. Both aspects were then melded together in Unity. On the technical side, Unity enabled easy scripting and coding of gameplay and level mechanics, such as; one button context-sensitive gameplay, a large elemental mixing system, interesting level transitions and animations, and scripted puzzles and story elements.

HCI Gesture Study (Research Project with Professor Steve Engels)

Summer 2012 (In Progress)

This iPad research project will focus on finding the most intuitive and instinctive gestures users would try on an iPad. The study will transfer a classic game, called Dragon's Lair, to the iPad. Dragon's Lair requires user inputs, that correctly correspond to events on-screen, to move forward in the game. The focus will be on changing these inputs from physical controls into gestures to create an enjoyable and intuitive experience. The project will leverage user studies to create a set of custom gestures that users will find intuitive to use during the game.

StackPad (Research Project with Post Doc. Ricardo Jota & Assistant Professor Daniel J. Wigdor)

Summer 2012 (In Progress)

StackPad is going focus on the sharing capabilities between two or more iPads that are in proximity to each other. The project will look into applications of this concept and finding what kinds of experiences this can produce. For example, stacking multiple iPads on each other with each having separate documents or 2D planes, then producing an organization of those documents or creating a 3D environment with multiple planes. Since there is no quick way for one iPad to know one is above another, this project will utilise properties of capacitive touch screens to solve this problem.

Osman Haque


As a soon to be graduate from the University of Toronto, I majored in Computer Science and Sociology, taking a variety of courses ranging from Introduction to A.I. to Video Game Design. I am currently seeking employment in either the software industry or the video game industry.

A young entrepreneur with a passion for solving puzzles, I enjoy taking things apart simply to learn how to create something new. I am a team player looking for opportunities to work in a creative atmosphere while creating new technological experiences, facing challenges, and learning something new.

When not busy with school, I enjoy taking photos, designing websites and logos, and trying to create something interesting with my programming skills.

For more detailed information, check out the rest of my website and LinkedIn profile, which you can access in the top right corner.
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Color Pair

Colors are one the most powerful tools we have to describe ourselves and surroundings. People form all sorts of judgements about a person or a place because of the color of them or it. But most people ignore the importance of colors and choose them almost randomly. This app gives you the power to choose colors confidently and with an understanding of what those colors will represent. Why does red make you more aggressive and more attractive? Why can grey, if used incorrectly, imply that you are old? Color Pair lets you understand the colors that are the foundation of your life.


  • Choose a color from the Color Wheel or from the Camera
  • Based upon math, this app will tell you what other colors match the color you choose
  • Change the brightness of the color with the slider at the bottom
  • Tap on any of the circles to focus on that color

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    Anthem Advisory Services (2012)


    Anthem Advisory Services (2012)
    Color Pair (2011)
    SNED (2008)